Friday, July 22, 2005

Ecological footprinting

With a population of 6 billion, earth has about 2 hectares of land available per person. For a population of 9 billion, this figure will be reduced to less than 1.5.
Ecological footprinting converts a person's current impacts through nourishment, shelter, transport and the acquisition of goods & services to a single indicator, i.e. ecological footprint.
Best Foot Forward offers a simple tool for calculating personal ecological footprint, and annual carbon dioxide emissions. It is worrying that even doing many of the right things, such as reducing percentage of diet based on meat, reducing car use, buying an ultra-efficient car, investing in an efficient home and reducing/recycling waste, we're still using up 1.7 planets. And we would still be producing 6.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person per year, i.e. about 45% less than current emissions, whereas France & UK, a.o. aim for a 60-80% reduction of emissions.

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