Thursday, September 01, 2005

Webcast - functional earthing of electronic devices

The growing diffusion of electronic devices imposes new requirements for earthing systems, which are a key element in electrical installations safety requirements. Usually, electronic devices require a connection to earth for safety reasons (protective earthing) and also for functional reasons (functional earthing).
These different requirements result in electromagnetic compatibility problems. The simultaneous need of a connection to earth for both safety and functional reasons, exposes electronic devices to disturbances otherwise not present. It also results in safety hazards due to the steady leakage currens they generate.
These considerations also apply to earthing systems where there isn’t any electronic device connected, but where equipments have similar features, such as:
  • high leakage currents;
  • high frequency leakage currents;
  • steady leakage currents;
  • low resilience.

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