Saturday, October 01, 2005

21 steps to reduce carbon emissions by 50%

This 21 steps chart by ZedFactory demonstrates, in a UK setting, the challenge of a 50% reduction in carbon emissions. Starting from a 11.9 tonne greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per capita per year, it reduces emissions gradually to 5.4 t/yr.
The scheme starts with a number of basic measures on buildings, urban planning and transport, followed by a major push for renewable electricity and heat. Finally, to achieve 50%, more drastic measures address embodied energy in products & food, as well as recycling and waste reduction. Following measures come out as the top 5 impacts:
  1. Advanced building shells of 16.2 kWh/m2.year (-0.5 tonne)
  2. Renewable electricity (-0.5 tonne)
  3. Recycling (-0.45 tonne)
  4. Reduced consumption of manufactured goods (-0.45 tonne)
  5. Energy efficient workspaces (-0.4 tonne)
The chart shows the challenge of a 50% GHG reduction, improving homes to the passive standard, changing urban form, the way we live and work, as well as food habits and consumption patterns. The good news is, that according to DTI's Energy White Paper, all this can be achieved at a cost of 6 months of GDP growth by 2050.

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