Thursday, October 13, 2005

World Fire Statistics 2005

Establishing gradually a tradition, the Geneva Assocation just published its 2005 issue of its World Fire Statistics series, documenting fire losses, fire deaths and costs of fire prevention. Fire, including its prevention, protection and repression costs developed economies about 1% of GDP, but these costs vary widely between countries. Also, there does not seem to be a pattern of evidence supporting that high investment in fire protection leads to fewer fire losses and death.
Although this is probably one of the best data collection initiative in its field around the world, the statistical database is still very poor, and insufficient to guide programme effort to reduce fire deaths and financial losses from fire.

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Jonathan said...

Hans thanks for this - one bizarre fact is that when we speak to fire prevention people nationally they often say that electrical system/ installation fault is the real cause for a far greater number of fires than are reported - and we know well the difficulty in asking fire services to spend n minutes filling in forms as opposed to saving lives. The further away we get from the national scene the less "electrical fixed installation" (as in older properties) as a fire safety hazard is mentioned. The Geneva Association as we know does good work with as you say (sic Table 1) limited good data - but "electricity" or "causes" for that matter are not mentioned.

They have strong links with the insurance industry, which again nationally have to date to my knowledge never shown interest in any of our activities.

Perhaps coordinating the national and supra-national groups could be in everyone's best interests.