Saturday, November 05, 2005

About this blog

This Blog covers sustainable energy in terms of (1) security of supply, (2) having the infrastructure available to convert & distribute energy, (3) quality of supply (stability, power quality), (4) environmental performance, including safety and (5) economic efficiency. The Blog is an initiative of the Leonardo ENERGY Programme, an outreach and advocacy platform of European Copper Institute now involving over 120 partners.
The Blog aims to live up to the following manifesto:
  1. The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. We welcome diversity of opinion, clarifying advantages as well as disadvantages of options.
  2. Uncensored: past entries will only edited for spelling mistakes, not content. However, abrasive entries or comments will be removed.
  3. Erring is human: when we do, we'll post a correction entry, and add a comment to the original entry.
  4. Qualified information: we aim for information from qualified sources, free from ideology or commercial interests (maybe we aim for too much).
  5. Authoritive: information used by Leonardo ENERGY is appropriately processed through the LE network. Therefore, there will always be a delay between energy news, and its appearance on the SE Blog. For hot energy news, see for example sustainablog.
  6. Full access: as much as possible, posts will be based on information that is directly accessible. Occasionally, we'll refer to information from scientific databases that is copyright protected, but accessible through libraries. We'll never use confidential information that is not accessible in the public domain, and hence not verifiable.
  7. Frequency of posts will be determined by Leonardo ENERGY's processing capacity (typically 15-20 new posts per month).
  8. Changes to this manifesto will be posted as comments to this entry.

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