Tuesday, November 15, 2005

'Factor 4' Solution: from diesel to electric trains

Diesel trains consume 460 kJ/tonne.km and emit 35 g/tonne.km. For electric trains, these figures become 230 and 9.3 respectively. The use of electric trains improves CO2 emissions by a factor 4, and energy consumption by a factor 2. Another illustration of the booster effect on carbon saving through the use of electricity.

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Anonymous said...

Could you substantiate the source for the figures for consumption of energy. Different railways would have different experiences, depending upon their efficiency. On Indian Railways, for example, the scenario is the opposite! The diesel-electric trains are more energy efficient by a factor of almost 2! Also, the primary source of electricity in India is coal (over 75%), which again cause the GHGs!

The railroads (especially freight) in the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia have not considered electric trains as an option! In fact some have actually de-electrified!!!