Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year 2006 in Energy

The year 2006 has been a spectacular year for energy. Hereby Leonardo ENERGY's list of 10 highlights.
  1. Energy Efficiency becomes top priority in Europe (and beyond). See Hans Nilsson's analysis on the energy efficiency action plan.
  2. Many world records broken on renewable energy technologies, among others:
    the largest wind farm
    the largest wind turbine
    the largest solar power station
    the most efficient solar cell
    the largest wave power station
  3. The emergence of the smart grid concept with smart metering
  4. The turnaround of US on energy & climate policy, through the 25 x 25 vision (Renewable Energy World, Dec issue, p 113), 8 states introducing CO2 restrictions, ...
  5. Among others, Al Gore's movie has made climate change a public issue, addressed daily in mass media
  6. A comeback for nuclear appears imminent
  7. A blackout leaves 10 million Europeans in the dark.Regulators need to start regulating beyond price.
  8. The first year of full operation of the European Emission Trading Scheme
  9. Passive Houses emerge as a mainstream technology, offering the potential to almost eliminate low temperature heat demand in buildings.
  10. Reality dawns on the illusion of the hydrogen economy

Comments, suggestions and additions welcome.

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